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Knowledge professionals spend hours every day matching and categorizing text-based data. Our NLP-powered tool helps combine pieces of textual content based on their semantic affinity, in seconds.

Whether you need to classify companies according to insurance risk levels or categorize and group documents in your knowledge base, our AI-based technology could be a time-saver. We employed natural language processing algorithms and machine learning to match and combine pieces of textual content based on a degree of their semantic similarity. For each document or text piece, we identify a subject, main topics, key words and phrases that form its semantic core, and then match the identical and synonymously related units. As a result, you get a fully automated content matching tool that helps you in text-centered and adjacent operations.

Who can benefit from the technology?

  • Publishers
  • E-learning providers
  • Media agencies
  • Lawyers
  • Insurers (risk categorization)
  • Patent examiners
  • University professors
  • Researchers
  • Freight forwarders
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