Case studies

MMC4 - marketing automation platform

MMC (Marketing Management Cockpit) is an all-in-one software solution for marketing automation. It represents the combination of classic marketing tools enriched with advanced digital capabilities. MMC enables marketing managers perform the most complex tasks quickly and efficiently and provides them with unique personalization and integration opportunities. With MMC, they can manage and organize entire marketing workflow on one platform, across all media channels, both traditional and digital.

Silk Data experts designed the UI and UX concepts, developed server architecture, implemented and tested the application to ensure the highest delivery quality.

Domain: Marketing, SaaS
Technology: Vue.js, Selenium, .Net, Autotests

LookUP! – a turnkey e-publishing solution

The goal was to develop a solid and reliable cross platform e-publishing solution to help businesses take control over digital content distribution.

Our team has developed a cross platform (iOS, Android, web) solution for publishers providing them direct access to their target group. With the digital offer, companies not only secure their existing hard copy customers, but gain the new ones. The solution gained recognition among secondary education sector of Switzerland both for content distribution and for providing necessary feedback to teachers.

Domain: Publishing, E-books, Mobile apps
Technology: Java; iOS; Android; Web App; Cloud; Containers; PDF processing; Microservice; System analysis & Monitoring; DB (Spring; Backbone.js; ServiceWorker; Docker; Azure; PDFBox; TET; Grafana; ELK; Sentry; MySQL)

Automated content summarization

To address to a series of content-related problems, from information overload to manual document review, we developed the browser extension that automatically locates and highlights keywords and major insights in text and provides its concise summary. The research & development was based on different data sets for analysis and model training including news articles, ads, and books, which made our software more functional compared to the rival solutions. It is easily scalable to additional languages and can be utilized for solving multiple associated tasks like book indexing, document classification, and smart navigation in business workflow.

Domain: Knowledge management, Content management, Browser extension
Technology: Python, NLP (SpaCy, TextRank), Docker

Gravity Global - enterprise learning software

Gravity is a professional digital tool that helps enterprises cut on learning and training costs by providing their employees with opportunity to be educated on applications while using them. The software helps transfer knowledge to new users or employees without distracting them from current business tasks and processes, all on a single platform. Silk Data professionals have overseen the product’s architecture and development, meeting strict requirements in security, usability, and UX/UI.

Domain: Enterprise learning, SaaS
Technology: SharePoint, Angular.js, React.js, Windows Native, Object detection

Plagiarism detection system for professional accounting exams

Accounting Professional Training (APT) is a South African training company that provides a range of professional programs helping the students to qualify as Chartered Accountants. During exams, their students write essays, analyzing several business cases. Large-scale quarantine measures imposed in 2020 in most countries led to the new challenge: when a student takes exam from home, it becomes almost impossible to spot and prevent plagiarism. The solution we have prepared is able to process several hundreds of exam scripts in hours, finding for APT staff only few highly similar pairs of exam scripts for manual inspection. 

Professional education, Text analysis, SaaS
Python, NLP (SpaCy, MinHash, TF-IDF, vector text embedding), Docker
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