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Every minute there are over 3.8 million searches across the globe on Google. These queries contain a vast amount of text data – usually unstructured. To compress the essence and stay focused on the topic, Silk Data engineers and data scientists developed a free application – Briefly.

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Briefly – a revolutionary way for understanding Google search

The analysis of Google search results is based on proprietary AI-based technology. The extension recognizes the text content described at each link and separates only relevant information about the topic from the entire text. The extension omits introductory descriptions, marketing expressions, final parts which lengthen the text itself. People usually spend 5-15 minutes on average to read one article and understand the relevance of the topic they’re looking for. Briefly reduces the time on exploring the content – now it takes seconds. Thus, text analysis and processing have become simpler than ever.

What is the process for text identification and summary creation?

The technology allows identifying the meaning of the web page content and semantically matching it with related articles from an external knowledge base (such as Wikipedia) and search keywords. The generic words and expressions are not mentioned in most cases. The extension may identify not only keywords but also several full-fledged sentences related to the topic. It means that the core summary could be generated from a mix of words, links to external resources and sentences.

Core features

  • Reading time
  • Summary
  • Related Wikipedia articles
  • Recommendation of additional search terms

For the above features, one deserves some more explanation: it is the recommendation of Wikipedia articles (or ‘wikification’ as it is sometimes called).

The recommendation of related materials is based not on specific keywords, but on the similarity in meaning (semantic similarity). To find related articles, Briefly extension calculates the ‘profile’ of a web page (topics discussed on the page) and searches for Wikipedia articles with a similar profile.

Beyond Wikipedia, a custom version of this extension can recommend documents from a special knowledge base (such as a Q&A system or special reference) or a corporate document management system (DMS).

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