Manual extraction of data from unstructured texts and documents takes 20 to 70 % of knowledge worker’s time across industries. Our set of pre-built NLP and machine learning-based algorithms can automatically identify and retrieve major insights, named entities or user-specific information from texts, to save vast amount of time and resources. We also develop custom algorithms and applications, based both on generic (with no datasets) approach and neural networks, to solve complex information extraction tasks. 


The rapid development of NLP and machine learning technology is making it possible for computers to analyze texts of almost any complexity and in different languages, within seconds. We build algorithms that instantly scan structured and unstructured texts to identify its meaning, subjects, style or format, detect key words, summarize or rephrase its content. This has a considerable impact on a speed and a cost of operations across many industries, from education to public security.


Need to sort out incoming documents at scale? Or categorize your helpdesk messages to improve response time and quality? These are perfect examples of the automatic classification task. We employ supervised and unsupervised methods and state-of-the-art techniques to classify and categorize digital and printed (OCR + AI) documents, emails, ads, scholarly papers, etc.


NLP and machine learning are extremely powerful tools for measuring a similarity or finding discrepancies between text-based objects. Our semantic similarity engines (built on open-source frameworks and home-built algorithms) allow us to build versatile systems for automated matching, organization, verification, changes tracking, plagiarism control, and other jobs.


Partially based on the semantic similarity methods, solving recommendation tasks require a substantial set of statistical and mathematical calculations. Silk Data experts are experienced in building efficient and scalable content recommendation systems for e-commerce, advertisers, publishing houses, and news services.

Data collection

Using a set of web crawling, natural language processing, and data analysis tools and methods as well as neural networks we can collect and collate all data relevant to your business or a particular problem and deliver it in the most convenient way to your decision makers or analysts.

Data mining

Getting through arrays of information to find answers to complex questions is a laborious and costly job. By means of the most advanced data mining techniques and technology-based approaches, our team can deliver on the task in a shorter time and with a better result.

Detection and filtering

Using the best of rule-based programing, NLP, and machine learning worlds, we develop smart systems that scan texts to detect red flag words, confidential information or inappropriate content on-the-fly. Our experts team also provides deep neural networks training to recognize fraud or counterfeit elements by images.

Real-time tracking

For any modern business, it’s essential to stay on top of important updates, citations, or user behavior to be able to react swiftly. That is where the capabilities of AI can be used to ensure an automated monitoring of the field of interest and real-time informing.

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