Silk Data presents an AI-based contract analysis tool at Data Science Summit in Warsaw

Recently, Silk Data has implemented an MVP for contract analysis tool using advanced text processing of legal documents. On December 3, 2021, Nikolai Karelin, Head of AI at Silk Data will describe the tool at the Data Science Summit conference in Warsaw, Poland.

Data Science Summit 2021

The conference gathers more than 100 speakers and about 2000 participants with both academic and industrial backgrounds from several countries. This year the conference will have the hybrid, on-site and online format, and our video will be available for the conference participants soon.

The contract analysis tool is developed in collaboration with, a leading legal data provider in Belarus. Currently, our MVP is a ready-to-use solution for a lawyer, accountant, or CEO and it automates several steps in the initial analysis of a contract: contract type identification, finding the important provisions, and showing links to relevant legislation; Russian and English languages are supported.

Contract analysis tool - Russian

The product can be found at (for Russian language and Belarusian legislation) and at for English-language documents.

Contract analysis tool - English

You may access the full presentation here, and a broader description of the product will be available soon.

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